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New telephone System

Next week we are scheduled to implement a new telephone system, so if you have any difficulty getting through, please be persistent. The vendor assures us everything will go smoothly, but...

By Appointment Only

We are changing the walk-in policy at our office location here in Davis. We are all out "in the field" more and more, so we will receive visitors by appointment only.

Who Do You Know?

Navion is currently offering advisors in the broker-dealer environment a path to true independence.   If you or someone you know would benefit from being part of a team of fiduciary advisors, let us know!

Does your portfolio reflect your tolerance for risk? Use this online questionnaire to find out.

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Life, Disablilty, and Long-Term Care Insurance

It's not uncommon to hear some people say they "don't believe in insurance".  Good news - it's not a religion!  It's a tool for which to manage risk.  The successful outcome of your financial plan will require good risk management, which does not necessarily mean buying insurnace.  But having the proper amount and type of coverage is important.  In that vein, should you need to make a change to your life, disability, or long-term care coverage, we may be able to help.  Ask about how you can properly manage your risks.